Add percentage or improve colorizing for better visualization

My favorite feature is the Category tree, however I find it quite cluttering and hard to look at a glance due to all the texts. Plus, the Top Category doesn’t really help either because of the way it’s arranged the and coloring isn’t also very intuitive. The colors between categories are all mixed up which almost make them useless.

Top Category and Category Tree views are almost the same anyway so I thought I would suggest merging them or giving Category Tree a color bar like the other views. Collapsible tree menu would also reduce clutter by alot (ex: Default being only show the main category, clicking on them displays smaller category).

Another thing I would like to suggest is at least a way to show percentage to improve glancing value and give better visualization of time spent on a program in that entire day.
Example: manictime

Very good suggestions, would love to see this too!

I’ve added the ability to collapse and show percent to the Category Tree here:

Coloring is definitely on the todo list, there’s an issue for it here:

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