Firefox & Chrome - Tab-names logged, despite denial for tracking while Private/Incognito Browsing

I believe that since the last update of the Browser Extension, tab-names of Private Browsing sessions are logged, while the extensions is set to ‘not allowed for private browsing’.
Previously the log would show ‘Firefox’ or ‘Chrome’, but now the tab names show up with the addition “(private browsing)” in Firefox, and just plainly for Chrome.
Can this bug be fixed? My expectation is that the extension honors the setting and will not log the tab-names in Firefox and Chrome.
Current version ActivityWatch Firefox Extension: 0.4.0 - ‘Last updated’: June 13, 2020
Firefox 77.0.1 64bit
Current version ActivityWatch Chrome Extension: 0.4.0
Chrome Version 83.0.4103.97 (Official Build) (64-bit)
OS: Linux Debian 64bit


Hi Support Team,
Is there a way that I can change this behavior?

I assume that you mean that it does not stop monitoring the window titles of the incognito windows? The browser domains certainly should be stopped to be monitored if you disabled that in incognito.

There are two ways to solve this, manually (which is possible today, you just need to temporarily disabled aw-watcher-window from the tray icon) or automatically (which there is a feature request for here Add an "Exclude" list)

Hi @johan-bjareholt
Thanks for getting back to me, I’ve visited that thread (Add an "Exclude" list) but I’m not entirely sure what to do and how to add that exclusion.

Note: I’m on Debian 9 and when I try to ‘Open Dashboard’ or ‘Open API Browser’ from the tray-icon, nothing happens.

Apologies, but I’m a noobie to coding.

That’s just a feature request, it’s not implemented yet so it’s not possible today. Since it has many votes on the forum however it is a prioritized feature. So the only way today is to manually turn off the watcher unfortunately.

That is an old known bug, will likely be fixed for most users in next release! :slight_smile:

I’ve voted for the feature and marked your response as the current Solution.
All the best!

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