Manually tracking away/offline-time

As a user who frequently leaves their computer for meetings, phone calls, etc, it would be nice to be able to define manual AFK activities so I can also log in more detail what I was doing.

This way when I return to my computer, ActivityWatch can prompt me and ask “What were you doing for the last 42 minutes?” and I can select between defined afk activities. Meeting, Helping another person, phone call, etc.

This is something we’ve been wanting to do for a while, but your specific suggestion sounds really good. This is how the Toggl app on macOS app (at least used) to work, and would make it easy to log what you were doing. In fact, I remember liking it.

We added very simplistic manual logging in our recently released Stopwatch feature, and it has obvious need for improvement, which could include something like this.

Another thing I’d want, separate from the “What were you doing when you were AFK?” prompt: A proper bucket/event editor. Should be possible to build into our vis.js timeline, we could make gaps clickable and create events in them (by flooding an event into the selection). This would also help filling in the blanks, but would enable you to also do so after the fact.

I’m also imagining a more calendar-like timeline view in the future, somewhat similar to Google Calendar.


Would the timeline editing still be useful given you’re planning on a UI change to a Calendar view?

If no one is working on this, I can try to implement the bucket/event editor (no guarantees) for the timeline.

I looked into the vis library and it allows event adding/editing in the timeline, so it looks like it’s a matter of adding the right configuration, then linking to the API’s