Non-instrusive operation in windows


I seem to like ActivityWatch, but three additional “applications”, messing on the desktop and app-list is a real distraction… Not even speaking about alt-tab application switching.

Is there a way to make ActivityWatch discrete? Can I avoid, or at least hide those windows?


What version are you running? This should be fixed in the 0.8 beta 1 version but I have not verified myself.


You do not seem to be starting ActivityWatch using aw-qt.exe as suggested in the documentation. Doing so should solve the issue provided you are running v0.8.0b1 (but I haven’t actually tested it, so let us know if it does!).


I am using v0.8.0b5 and starting it using aw-qt.exe. I still get the three windows.


Are you certain you are running 0.8b5? I can clearly see that the code change is there in the latest version. If so I have to test it out myself next week when I’m back home on my computer with windows.


This should be fixed in v0.8.0b6, see this issue: