Sharing of Categorization (Import / Export)

The categorization initial setting is nice, but maybe there could be a way for users to share with each other their settings so that one could pick from another user’s configuration. Maybe there could be some sort of profiles for different types of users (programmers, graphic designers, writers, gamers, etc.)

Obviously this would be an opt-in type of feature, privacy first.

Good idea!

Maybe add “profiles” for categorization which you can easily switch between.

Then add the ability to download/export a categorization profile as a file in json format and add the ability to import new ones so they become easy to share.

I would really like the ability to just opt in to send my categories to an anatomized aggregate of classifications. That way the program can suggest rules for you to add based on what other users group window titles together as. Also it could suggest rules to create based on your window history and what the rest of the users have grouped those windows with what categories.