What is the process for embedding or sharing my bucket data visually?

Hello all,

I am not a strong developer but I am learning every day. I’m getting HTML and CSS down and about to start looking into JavaScript. So as you can tell I am not equipped to deal with APIs and I barely even know how to talk about them.

I am wondering, what would it take to embed the category sunburst into a webpage, or share it via a tweet? Is it just a matter of exporting the buckets for the day, and then displaying them using the same method as it is happening in my browser for my localhost page?

I realize I could screenshot it, but I really like the interactivity and I would like to take this embedding idea further if I could just get past this first step.

Thanks for reading!

You may try https://github.com/AlexanderMakarov/activitywatch-ets/blob/master/aw_export_one_day.py on source and https://github.com/AlexanderMakarov/activitywatch-ets/blob/master/aw_import_to_existing_buckets.py on destination.

Thank you, I’m having a look at it
It is beyond me but I will understand it eventually! :sweat_smile:

Have re-read the whole your post and looks like I didn’t understand the idea initially.You are writing

embed the category sunburst into a webpage

which started to sound for me like "iframe to ActivityWatch Web UI".

Or you gonna copy https://github.com/ActivityWatch/aw-webui/blob/4e1901ee14d9dabe72ac480592404ff7415c6cd8/src/visualizations/SunburstCategories.vue plus other required files and apply events (which still may be copied via aw_export_one_day.py ) to this Vue/JavaScript code?