Ability to check the whole activity set from different hostnames

I started using ActivityWatch in Windows, but now I’m using it on Linux too. I decided to centralize data on Windows since I had many categories set in that environment already. I then export the Linux raw data and import it on Windows. Until there, everything is fine.

Now when Linux data is imported to my Windows environment, the activity is displaced in two different hostnames, as shown in the image below. It would be nicer if the data was merged, or if I had an option to check a summary from both.

So, in my case, the import is almost useless to analyze the activities. This requires that I keep changing between hostnames to get a general summary and insights about what I did and how I spent time. I tried to manually modify the JSON so it would have the same hostname and/or id, but that did not work.

So, I don’t know if I’m missing something or maybe I’m doing something wrong. But it would be nice and useful to have a general summary of the hostnames so all the activities are grouped and analyzable from a dashboard.