Activity Screen: filtering and dynamic rule creation

Why can’t I just click or tap on any of the high level categories or applications or anything else on the activities page to have it drill down into that filter view? IE if I click on the chrome.exe tab under “top applications” or “Uncategorized” under “top categories”, why doesn’t the whole page filter out anything that isn’t part of that data group? Also being able to filter by Application as you can with Category would be useful.

Also it would be really nice to be able to create rules on the fly from the activity screen, based on a piece of data that you filtered down to. So you can easily create rules for some of your uncategorized things.

Filtering already exists in the master branch for categories.

It’s very useful for finding out what is in the category “Uncategorized” so you can add that to your categories and get a lower percentage of uncategorized events.

Unfortunately that’s only for categories and currently it’s a dropdown menu so maybe not as user friendly, your suggestion of just pressing it is probably a better idea. The ability to filter by appname is also a good idea.

Will take this into consideration.

Also if you click on anything on the activity screen, the sunburst graphic should alter (change color, fade all other to grey, or explode to provide separation between) to highlight the specific item you have selected.