Activity watch 12 can't use anything instantly

When I browsing in the main dashboard, if I clicked any button, nothing would happen until long time passed. I try to use the devtool to locate the problem, it says the browser can’t get the js map. Maybe a feature should be add, which the connect port could be modified?


It’s not responding for me either. Hope they get this fixed

I found a temperary solution. If you stuck in a page, you can try to press f12 to open debug console, then the page could load very likely.


Hey that actually worked lol. Thank you

Happening to me too, even the newest 12.1 doesnt fix it :frowning:

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I also have this issue

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Offering another unperfect solution but very stable, disable the aw-server and use the rust version. Noticed that your old data won’t be transfered. If you need to view your past data, you need to switch the server back. From this solution I think this issue is the problem of flask, maybe the lack of performance or something. You can see that rust is truly a good language:)

Same here. I hope they fix this soon

Hey everyone, sorry for the weird bug. It is being tracked here:

I’m still rather clueless what causes it, but as you’ve discovered, the bug disappears if you open the developer console (F12) :man_shrugging:

Switching to aw-server-rust is certainly a solution, you can read about how to ensure you get a proper migration of the data here: Migrating