Activity Watch Takes 3-5 minutes to load bucket initially

If I go to http://localhost:5600/#/buckets and open the main window bucket (“aw-watcher-window_*”) and change the “Show last” dropdown to 24h it hangs the entire page for around 3-5 minutes and I can’t load any other pages from activity watch in the meantime. After the initial load it doesn’t hang anymore so it seems like it cache’s it. Is there something I can do to fix this? This is on windows 10 pro x64 and hangs on both firefox and chrome and it’s a server hang from the network panel

It hangs on the following example request http://localhost:5600/api/0/buckets/aw-watcher-window_me/events?start=2021-03-07T23:35:41-08:00&end=2021-03-08T23:35:41-08:00&limit=-1"

Is it that slow for all dates?
Also, once it has loaded, how many events does it say that it has loaded?
For example: “Showing 100 events (out of 268)” it says for me right now, but have only been at this computer for about an hour today as of now.

It’s for all dates but after it loads initially it loads fast again so it’s caching it. There’s 100k+ events in the bucket and it loads around 1-3k at a time. SQL Lite should be performant enough, I’m wondering if there is some kind of data manipulation slowing it down

On the buckets view there’s no data manipulation going on, that’s only on the “Activity” view (maybe some in the timeline view too, not sure).

I cleared the bucket and the issue stopped but after around 30k bucket events its starting to slow down again. Does this happen for you with a lot of bucket events too?

I have over 400k events in total in just my aw-watcher-window bucket and that works fine, 30k should be no issue.

But if they’re too frequent (for example 10k in just 24hrs) then it will be slow. Is that the case, that there are 30k in a single day? If so, what bucket has created the most events? Yesterday I had 1k events in a day which I think is pretty normal (with afk, window, vim and web watcher).