Activity Watch uses UTC instead of my local time

Basically activitywatch is using UTC. Like its 10:00 or so right now, but activitywatch is reporting 18:00

OS: Windows 10 18363.1316

Note: I’m not sure if it matters, but I have Set Time Autormatically and Set Timezone Automatically enabled in Windows 10.

I installed this on January 15th. The next day I uninstalled it. Then I installed ManicTime. Didn’t like it as much, so I uninstalled it. I reinstalled Activity Watch. Today (17th), I noticed something was seriously wrong because it was continuing off yesterday. I found out it’s using UTC for some reason.

Purging and reinstalling does not work.

ActivityWatch uses the timezone specified in your browser, so either your browser is denying it access to your timezone or the browser is for some reason not able to get your systems time.

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Oh I see now. I’ve been browser hopping (I’ve been exploring some new software lately). I was using private firefox so it blocks that. I wish you could specify the timezone in the settings.