Activity Watch won't Launch on windows

Hello, I am a windows 10 user and I wanted to try Activity Watch so I downloaded it but after the program got installed it did not launch. Even after clicking on the app from the start menu nothing happens (in the Task manager nothing appears either). I tried to search this problem online but found nothing, I therefore suspect it might have something to do with the latest windows update since my device is relatively new. Does anyone has any idea of what to do in this situation ? Any help is welcome !

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Same problem, if someone have a solution it is welcome :wink:

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when you double click on the application, it should show up a new icon in the notification tray, right click it β†’ open dashboard β†’ activities

I have the same issue. It’s a new device running on Windows 11. I tried the same steps as listed above.

WOW, thank you Che_Cosa. Such a simple solution.