ActivityWatch 12 do not logs activity on macos 12.4

Hi, i’ve just installed AW v0.12.0 using .dmg from official website. I’ve launched it, worked for some time and when i open dashbord in browser(via tray icon) i have Time active:0s

Seems like os somehow blocking logging. Is there any way to make it work?

AW seems working, but logs noting

By the way, AFK watcher seems to work. In timeline tab i see “no afk” activities. But no apps have been logged

And same issue on macos 10.15.7 (19H1419) (Catalina)

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Same issue
from the aw-watcher -window log:

Exception: jxa error: Error: Error: An error occurred.
2022-09-13 11:27:42 [ERROR]: Exception thrown while trying to get active window  (aw_watcher_window.main:77)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "aw_watcher_window/", line 74, in heartbeat_loop
  File "aw_watcher_window/", line 55, in get_current_window
  File "aw_watcher_window/", line 27, in get_current_window_macos
  File "aw_watcher_window/", line 64, in getInfo

I have tried this solution A hacky way of fixing the `aw-watcher-window` issue on macOS · Discussion #768 · ActivityWatch/activitywatch · GitHub

sort of work but it started to track all apps except for browsers(usage of chrome safari etc do not logged at all). and i started to get input problems(was unavailable to type anything in different apps and browsers until reboot). So solution not ideal

I revert everything back and will not use activitywatch until there is good solution to logging problem

Not sure what is going wrong here. I’m running ActivityWatch v0.12.1 just fine on my M2 (macOS 12.5) and my gf’s M1.

There’s an issue tracking a possibly related problem here: