ActivityWatch doesn't track app on first opening?

Hi guys,

I have ActivityWatch installed and noticed that whenever I open an app from the dock (or in general) when it wasn’t running before, ActivityWatch does not track that app as the active app until I switch away to a different app and then return. This makes it so that apps that I frequently quit and reopen (like Messages) do not get tracked essentially at all. Is anyone else finding this to be the case?

I have macOS 12.5.1, activitywatch v0.12.1.

I have noticed this when starting games from Steam, they often get tracked as just “Steam”.

I think I may have an idea what the issue is, but still some investigating to do.

In short, we should be checking every second (or so, maybe less often for performance reasons) in addition to listening to events (which seem to be unreliable during app starts, as your experience confirms).

Thanks for reporting!