ActivityWatch Feature set


Hi there, I just discovered this project while looking for an alternative to RescueTime. I’m loving the idea behind this and hope to see it grow.

I’m a little confused about the feature set. Does this application have a feature like blocking websites during set times of productivity like RescueTime? I’ve tried reading through the documentation as saw no mention of such a thing. I realize this is all still very much in it’s infancy, but I was hoping maybe I missed it somehow.

I’m learning programming through online courses right now, but not managing my time efficiently. I’m temped to try RescueTime but I’m not loving the idea of all my data being their’s to own. I’m hoping I can use ActiveWatch as an alternative.


As of now ActivityWatch is solely for tracking. I’m sure there are other webextensions which are better at solving this issue. I remember using stayfocusd a few years ago, not sure if it’s still the best option out there though since I’m not using such extensions anymore.

Once 0.8 is out we will update screenshots and hopefully clear up what features we have, we know that it’s sadly not fully clear as of now.

We’ve all been there, good luck! :slight_smile: