ActivityWatch in school environnement

I need to monitor the computers in my high school, about 400 PCs. The goal is not to spy on users; it’s simply to see what tools they use and also the rate of computer usage (to adjust licenses accordingly).

I’ve modified the client toml on my clients, adding the destination server’s IP, and also edited the server toml on the server itself (opening mode on the network without using the SSH tunnel technique).

However, since multiple users use the machines, this implies modifying the client file for all users, as configurations are done in the profile.

I’ve activated a mandatory roaming profile for my students, so I can place the config file there, along with a shortcut for automatic startup at session opening.

I’ve created a GPO to install ActivityWatch in all users mode.

The data is not coming up correctly, or not at all.
Is there a possibility to cache data on the client and send it all when connected to the server?