ActivityWatch installation on Windows 7

Hello guys, I want to use AW also on a laptop on which Windows 7 runs. The installation completed without any error but when I start AW suddenly appears a pop-up window: Title = “Fatal error detected” Text=“No error message generated. FormateMessageW: Parametro non corretto (that is the italian for not correct parameter)”. Then pressing the OK button appear a 2nd pop-up: Title=“Fatal error detected” Text=“Error loading Python DLL C:\Program Files(x86\ActivityWatch\python39.dll” LoadLibrary: PyInstaller: FormatMessageW: failed". Any help?

I believe AW silently dropped compatibility for 7 and 8.1 a few versions back, when they updated a dependency. You’ll need to downgrade to 0.12.0, probably.

It seems like ActivityWatch might not support Windows 7 anymore. Try downgrading to version 0.12.0; it could work for you.