Android App Crash on Startup

Hello guys, I am having some issues using ActivityWatch on android. I am running GrapheneOS and installed the app through the Aurora store. Whenever I open the app, it crashes immediately everytime. Is anyone else having this problem? I understand the app is in beta and seems to not have been updated recently, is it outdated?



Same thing here. ActivityWatch will crash immediately at startup or after the initial permissions are granted in the setup wizard. I am running GrapheneOS and installing normally via the Google Play Store.


type: ANR
osVersion: google/bluejay/bluejay:14/UQ1A.240205.002/2024030300:user/release-keys

activity: null
cause: ANR executing service
info: ANR in
PID: 30194
Reason: executing service
ErrorId: 09c73580-e0d9-4875-b205-8fa4d92183d9
Frozen: false
Load: 3.27 / 3.61 / 3.72
----- Output from /proc/pressure/memory -----
some avg10=0.69 avg60=0.83 avg300=1.04 total=66853199
full avg10=0.39 avg60=0.43 avg300=0.46 total=27851308
----- End output from /proc/pressure/memory -----
----- Output from /proc/pressure/cpu -----
some avg10=7.47 avg60=8.55 avg300=8.95 total=430308675
----- End output from /proc/pressure/cpu -----
----- Output from /proc/pressure/io -----
some avg10=0.38 avg60=0.52 avg300=0.89 total=69545249
full avg10=0.28 avg60=0.37 avg300=0.49 total=37068013
----- End output from /proc/pressure/io -----