Android Chrome Watcher

This morning, almost one month after opening this issue, I decided to tackle it.

I’m building a watcher that tracks Chrome browsing on Android. I think browsing history is the most important thing that I’m not currently tracking.

I forked aw-android, added missing dependencies ( and webui), and implemented an accessibility service that tracks changes in Chrome’s URL and title.

Some thoughts:

  • The accessibility service is quite aggressive and logs every single URL change instantly to the server. I don’t know how much it impact battery life or performance.

  • It’s using accessibility service in a way that’s not encouraged by Google, although other published apps still seem to do the same. Not sure if this feature would need to be delivered as a plugin to circumvent those restrictions.

  • I don’t know if it can be adapted to work with other browsers. Perhaps browser extensions are a better option when supported.

  • An alternative implementation could be a proxy that intercepts all traffic on the phone. I haven’t investigated it yet.

  • Scraping My Google Activity might provide most of these URLs, and much much more.


Sorry for the late reply.

This’s awesome! Do you mind submitting a PR so I can take a look at it? :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay.