Android data location

Hello! In which directory is the data that ActivityWatch collects on Android stored? I would like to synchronize them with other devices.

It’s stored in the data folder for the app, which should be something like /data/user/0/<packageName>/files/<fileName>. This folder might be difficult to access (by design, for security reasons) but if you have root access it should be easy.

Is it possible to synchronize it with data on a computer? I found on the path C:\Users\<userName>\AppData\Local\activitywatch\activitywatch\aw-server the file peewee-sqlite.v2.db, but because of the name difference I can’t synchronize it (on Android it called sqlite.db). Or am I wrong?

I wish it was easy (I also want to effortlessly sync my data).

Unfortunately, since the Android app uses aw-server-rust (as opposed to the aw-server-python implementation that’s used on desktop) with a slightly different database layout the easiest thing right now is to do it by hand, using the export/import buttons in the bottom of the buckets view.

I’m working on making syncing between devices easier (I made some progress in the last two months:, but it might take a while for it to be ready to use.

Hey I wanted to check in on this and see if there are any good workarounds here before syncing is finally added. I’m really hoping for any way to automatically sync this data! Rakleed did you get something working with a rooted phone?

FWIW I use DriveSync, so all i need is access to the files themselves and I am good to go.