App.editor.activity extension

Hi, i want to persist the branch information (for git: “master”, …) with VS Editor Activity. I think the best way to do is by extending app.editor.activity. According to the docs this is perfectly fine, just asking if this is a good thing.

    file: string,     // full path to file
    project: string,  // full path of cwd
    language: string, // name of language of the file
    branch: string, // branch of source control

It’s fine, but as it’s not a part of the app.editor.activity standard we cannot assume that other editor watchers have this field so we cannot visualize this in the web-ui. So unless you use this for some personal use-case this will just be unused data taking up space.

yea, waka has it, and it’s a useful information for me. Especially with git feature branches.