Auto restart aw-server after crash

Sometimes the aw-server crashes when the system starts running low in memory (Chrome tabs :confused: ). The dialog that is displayed gets hurried under windows and I don’t notice the crash. Due to this, activity stops from being logged. It would be better if there was an option to let aw-server restart automatically after crash.

Restarting aw-server because the system killed it for some reason (in this case low memory) doesn’t solve a problem, it’s only a workaround for the issue of the system using more memory than it has available.

This is not something we want to implement in aw-server because the system kills aw-server because it needs more memory. If we would restart it every time it gets killed we would potentially make the system stall because aw-server is constantly restarting, forcing the user to take out the battery of their laptop or pull out the plug on their desktop which could corrupt their HDD/SSD.

If you are REALLY sure that this is actually what you want (I don’t believe it is) then it’s easy to make a script which restart aw-server every time it quits. Such a script in bash would for example be:

while : ; do aw-server; done