Auto start aw-server at boot

I had no problem installing and starting ActivityWatch, however it does not start atomatically at boot up. I have to go to the file aw-qt and click on it to start it. How can I make it start automatically when I turn on the computer: Linux-Mint 19.3, desktop, Chrome browser.

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It’s hard for us ActivityWatch developers to add an built-in autostart option because we support so many platform and they implement that differently.

However, it is easy to do manually yourself, see this link for you specific case with LinuxMint

I appreciate the fact of having many platforms to :man_juggling: juggle. Nevertheless the Linux community is where you can find some of the most passionate users of privacy preserving and open source software, who (like me) are interested in the quantified self topic. Currently Arch Linux is officially supported with an autostart installer. Which is a great start, and there is work happening to widen support to other distros.

Besides tipping the project on Open Collective I am leaving a note of encouragement :+1: on these open issues:

However, doesn’t register itself:

As I mentioned in, that’s as expected.