Aw-afk seems to malfunction on Windows 11

Yes, thank you for the exact program I need to carefully track my computer usage.

TLDR; aw-afk doesn’t keep working.

Without aw-afk functioning properly the time-tracking gui shows nothing. By unchecking the radio box option for afk, then all of the gross time entries appear, but not the net time entries. Stating the obvious, the aw-afk watcher prunes the gross entries and displays the trimmed, accurate, results.

I had reinstalled yesterday, and everything looked good! I went to bed, and when I woke up the aw-afk, no longer appears in the timeline view. I suspect perhaps a malformed database entry, but I’m rather clueless. I’ve done some due diligence trying to locate the error or fix the database entry, but I’m not able restore the proper function without re-installing. What could be throwing it off?

Perhaps someone could point me to the resources that describe the debug procedure, so that I might more fully investigate. Or if someone else encountered a similar error, please chime in and let me know. If I can just get this awesome foss working consistently, I will feel more confident about adopting this solution.

Thank you,

[EDIT] Okay, I can backup the database and create a new blank db, and everything works fine again…better than a reinstall, since I can keep my categories.

Hi @indiadamjones
I had the same issue when reinstalling Activitywatch on Windows 11. Aw-watcher-afk stop working after waking up the computer from some hours of sleep.
It worked again after rebooting my computer, but I want to solve it not having to reboot my computer.
Didn’t you have the problem again after re-creating the BD?

Hi @Sandro_Alejandro, yes…the problem continued with the new DB. I had some luck getting the watcher to restart using the power option “sleep.” However, I still couldn’t reliably track time, even with this manual method, and I had to abandon for now. I hope they can help provide more clues in the future, or add some documentation to help people get to a functioning solution. I’m not a big fan of Windows 11, but unfortunately my computer runs on it.

Ok. I have been using ActivityWatch wih my colleagues on Linux, Windows 10 and Winows 11 and it only happens on Windows 11.

Cool, I wonder if I can run it in WSL2. Might give that a shot. Thanks Sandro.