AW seems to be not tracking some windows

Of late I’m starting to see this message a lot: “You have a total of 51m 16s uncategorized time, that’s 34% of all time today”.
Running of Fedora 39, installed from zip.
I’ve been using AW for quite a while on various releases of Fedora and mostly it works fine.
It seems to be only tracking four applications, which is just nuts. Right now my top window title is just “unknown” and I don’t know why. Appreciate any help.

AW seems to be completely missing both gnome-terminal and Konsole. They don’t appear in the list of windows at all, and I spend a lot of time using terminals. This didn’t used to be the case.

This seems to be specific to one machine. I have AW installed on another Fedora box and that tracks Konsole no problem. I use Gnome on both. Maybe something to do with X or Wayland or similar?

Yes, aw does not have proper support for Wayland yet. It is possible to work around with for example awatcher

ok, thanks. Not a HUGE issue for me because I’m no fan of Wayland, and now I know what the problem is I can work around it. cheers