Beeminder integration

Right now I’m using the APIs of beeminder and activity watch to link the two together. It’s just a infinite loop with a sleep delay. It would be nice to make it more official though, and compete with Rescuetime in this space.

Most beeminder users who try to use Beeminder to manage their use of devices will see Rescuetime as a suggestion, and never hear about nor have the technical know-how to use ActivityWatch instead, which I think is a shame.

Would you be open to share your source code?

I might be interested in testing it out.

Not sure if it would help you tbh, it’s incredibly crude and only useful to me. If you’re interested it would probably be better to ask the Beeminder people about integrating ActivityWatch.

Here’s the repo though if you really want to see my source code:

Also, Beeminder integration is probably blocked by Categorizing Events. Most Beeminder users that connect to RescueTime set a goal such as “3 hours of productive time per day” or “no more than 1 hour of unproductive time per day”.

My solution involves a whitelist of approved terms found in window titles, which is enough for me right now but probably not for the usual Beeminder usecases.

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