Catalina LaunchAgent fail?

  1. Since I’ve updated to Catalina, aw-qt does not launch automatically at startup anymore. I get “unable to send event to server” message from the Firefox extension.

  2. aw-qt runs manually, but “Top Window Titles” (dashboard) are all blank suggesting some watcher is silently out as well (to be precise, the bar sizes are the same as “Top Applications” and times are right, just no window title on them)

UPDATE: none of my LaunchAgents work anymore, so that’s problem #1 “solved” (or “eventually will be solved”). #2 seems related to all the “Full Disk” permissions needed to run anything on Catalina, haven’t figured out which particular one I’m missing yet -

Apple are making it harder and harder for people to develop apps for their platform, we should probably keep a list of all these workarounds to get it working in the documentation.