Categorization - Match a specific identifier

Currently it seems that we have 3 ‘identifiers’ for tracking activities - Process names, Window titles and Browser domains (if you have the extension for it).

So can we specify from which identifier we want to look from?
For example, what if we want to make a category that looks for “foo.exe” in the application name and “lorem ipsum” in the window title?
Is that possible? If not, that’d be a very convenient feature to have.

For an example implementation to look into, AutoHotKey has a pretty nice and expressive syntax for identifying programs.

Some quick examples:

  • WinActive("the quick brown fox")
    Checks if any application that has the window title “the quick brown fox” is active.
  • WinActive("ahk_exe foobar.exe")
    Checks if any application that has the process name “foobar.exe” is active.
  • WinActive("lorem ahk_exe ipsum.exe")
    Checks if any application that has both the name “ipsum.exe” AND the window title “lorem” is active.

And then, following the same syntax, you can combine them:

GroupAdd, GroupName, the quick brown fox
GroupAdd, GroupName, ahk_exe foobar.exe
GroupAdd, GroupName, lorem ahk_exe ipsum.exe

; Checks if any window matching the above criteria is active
WinActive("ahk_group GroupName")

Categorization does not match browser domains yet though, that’s still a work in progress. We have prototypes for it but it’s not working perfectly yet and not ready for release.