Categorize Browser Domains

Hi all,

First of all: Thank you for developing this amazing software!

I am trying to categorize my browser domains, but for some reason this does not work for me. I am on Mac OS using chrome. And: I have also installed “aw-watcher-web-chrome”. In the dashboard I can see my top browser domains, but they do not appear in the categories that I specified in the settings window.

For example, in the settings I defined a category called “WhatsApp” with the regex “WhatsApp|whatsapp”, but it does not appear in the category list (see picture below). Is there some special trick to categorize data from the “aw-watcher-web-chrome” or am I doing something wrong here?

Categorization for browser domains does not work yet, it will be fixed later.
That’s usually not an issue though as window titles of browsers contain information which is enough to categorize them.

Are you not able to get the window titles or have you just censored them for this picture?

Thanks for the quick response.

No the Window Titles are not displayed in my dashboard. Dont know why … but that doesnt bother me much :wink:

Cheers + stay save!

@xylix Any idea why he’s getting appname but no window titles?
I assume it’s macOS specific.

Yep it’s macOS spesific afaik. There’s a related issue , but only some macOS installs have had this problem happen so it’s hard to fix directly. It’s somehow related to the .app accessibility permissions.

It will be fixed or at least clearly notify the user about what the problem is when window titles are missing after my improvements to aw-watcher-window on macOS are finished ( ). That might take a few more days or a week.

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@tee Could you try removing and re-adding the accessibility permissions for ActivityWatch in your security /privacy settings? That should work as a workaround for this. With the window title data fixed the categorization should also start working.


Does creating categories by domain name still not work? If not - I wonder what is the role of the web-watcher? I can’t seem to find the information in the documentation.