Category Drilldown or view for one category

I have been using AW for a few days, so I am not pro yet. But one feature I still could not find is this:

I have about 30% of my screen time as uncategorized, even after carefully updating category rules. I would like to drill down this category and figure out where time is spent. However, looks like there is no easy way to know what goes into Uncategorized?

Would be great to actually visualize/have a view just for one category

Found it, this is already possible by selecting a category at the bottom.

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Yeah, the dropdown is admittedly not in the most discoverable place, looking into making it more prominent in a future release!

Just as a suggestion, for me personally, the filter should be somewhere on the upper right side of the page.
Now I know where it is, it feels awkward when I have to scroll to the end to use filter and then scroll up again to view the chart every time I need to look into a category.

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Yes, the dropdown menu isn’t in the most obvious place, but we’re working on making it more visible in a future update!