Category Regex Limitations - negative lookahead to achieve "everything except this"

Hi there,

Can I use negative lookaheads in the regex for Categories like: (?!Job Quoter.* - Bob the Builder.*)

AW is saying that this regex pattern is “too broad”.

Edit: Oh I think I worked out why it’s saying it’s too broad. It’s because it’s way too broad! XD That regex would match literally anything I’m doing on my computer except being in a Job Quoter for Bob the Builder.

I changed it to: Job Quoter.* - (?!Bob the Builder.*) and this regex works as expected.

Answer to my OP is: Yes, you can use negative lookaheads - if you use them properly.

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Glad you figured this out!

This was exactly the kinds of issues I hoped the validation/warning would help with :sweat_smile: