Category regex problem

I want to track my project CRM written in Sublime Text editor. Unfortunately there is no watcher for this editor so I want to follow the project with windows title. All titles in this project contains string: file_name (crm) - Sublime Text. For example, the test.php file is titled: “test.php (crm) - Sublime Text”. So I addded subcategory “CRM” to category programming and put this Regex: .(crm) - Sublime.
I can see “test.php (crm) - Sublime Text” in Top Window Titles section, but no entry in CRM category. What could be the cause?

Parantheses are special characters in regex, maybe escaping them could solve the issue? So try “(crm) - Sublime Text”

Yes, it is escaped. But this forum editor cut it. Please note that in your example also :slight_smile:

Maybe this way:

I’ve tried different ways. Checked in - all is OK.

As You can see on this image, two titles match to category regexp but is not shown in category tree.

OK, solved it. Interestingly, the escaped version doesn’t work. But it does:

Huh, that’s strange. Maybe it was not a normal hyphen but some more specific utf-8 equivalent which is longer or something like that?