Changing host and port for server


I have changed the host and port from local ip to inet ip address , even its running as localhost:5600 only, is it possible to change ip in server.

Reason - i need to track my team systems with one server settings . how can i do this.

can you help me on this.


We do rarely test this and recommend you to instead run once instance of activitywatch on each computer.

However, it does work but we do not officially support it.
You can find configuration files in the configuration folder (see here Then for the server you can change the ip and port being bound in aw-server/aw-server.ini and then for the computers with the watchers you have to go to the same config folder under aw-client/aw-client.ini and point to your server IP and port.


Hi Johan,

Thanks for the server help. But am facing the below issues on my colleagues systems

Fatal Python error: initfsencoding: unable to load the file system codec
zipimport.ZipImportError: can’t find module ‘encodings’

Current thread 0x00007fff7c2cf000 (most recent call first):
Abort trap: 6

issue facing in python 3.7 , also python 3.6 too.

kindly help us to fix this issue.


It’s really hard to help when I don’t know what platform you are running on, how you are executing it etc.

When googling that error the first thing I find is a PyInstaller issue (activitywatch uses PyInstaller for packaged executables) where they try to run PyInstaller with python3.6/3.7 which is not supported in PyInstaller yet. I assume that you are also trying to package a .exe file since you get that error, so you need to switch to python3.5 to get that working


ok Thanks Johan

Am working on mac

Is it possible to hide dock icon in menu bar and hiding terminal

any autoscript code is there to run


If you have built it with pyinstaller and run the latest version from git the terminal should not show up when starting it I believe. The menubar is bundled with aw-qt which makes sure that the watchers and server are running, you cannot remove that without modifying the code.