Collect additional data in database

I am new with activity watch and find it stunning for our case. However, I am trying to implement some additional data collection point. So I want to update database tables. Therefore in a usermodel in aw_datasore/

However my issue is that. The update I have is not happening maybe I am compiling from source using wrong method what ever I do in file nothing is updating.

I have even tried to find a separate git repo through which core will be installed but still no result.

Any help will be appreciated

The recommended way to collect more data is not to modify activitywatch itself, but to write a new watcher. That’s how all data collection works, with both the built-in watchers (aw-watcher-afk, aw-watcher-window) and extended watchers (aw-watcher-web and a lot of third-party watchers).

How to write a watcher is described here:

A list off most watchers can be found here if you want to see how others have done: