Configuration directory automatically created?


On Mac OS X, the configuration files cannot be found in the default location ~/Library/Preferences/activitywatch.

Is this something the user needs to add themselves? I would assume the program would create this directory themselves

On another note – creation of account on the forum cannot be done through Google or GitHub, it keeps on throwing an error. Might be because I have Ghostery and uBlock Origin?

Thanks again


Config files should appear in ~/Library/Application Support/ActivityWatch since we use appdirs. I don’t have a macOS system to test on so can’t say for sure that’s actually where they end up.

Just fixed Google login which indeed wasn’t working right. GitHub seems to work fine for me though (but I didn’t try creating a new account, just logged in with my existing one).


Thank you, I was a bit confused by the docs – I’ve proposed the file change here -