Custom start of day


Hi. For my purposes, it would be interesting to have a start of the day which corresponds more to my waking hours. Personally, I would set it to 5am for example because I tend to stay up quite late. Although it’s then no longer about calendar dates, it corresponds better to my life. What do you think?


The feature would be trivial to implement but I’m not sure on how’s the best way to do this in the UI. Any suggestions?

I’ve heard this suggestion a couple of times before in github issues so you’re not alone.


I would expect to have a settings tab and then choose time in hh:mm format. Because this is more a set once and forget setting so it seems a bit noisy if it were on each individual tab. Per default, it can be midnight but I think 4:30 am might make sense for most people anyway. Right now, I don’t know any other settings so maybe it would be a bit lonely there.

I don’t think that this setting should be changeable for individual days. Maybe one day I wake up at 2am. I would trade this inaccuracy for simplicity, both implementation wise and for the UI.


Nice, I’ll prototype a bit tonight and we’ll see how far I get.

Will probably use cookies in the browser to set the start/end of the day.


Was much easier than expected