Data loss (?) after power failure

Hi all,
I’m new to Activitywatch and still in the trial phase. I may not yet have figured out where the program stores its data (on LinuxMint, program installed in /opt/ActivityWatch). But after a power failure the program came back completely empty - all data from the previous days gone. Is there a way to find that again? I do have a UPS and managed to power down in an orderly fashion, but apparently that was too abrupt already for AW to store its data (or maybe not, not sure where to look). If someone could guide me? Thx,

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You could maybe do a search for peewee-sqlite.v2.db which is the sqlite database file. There is a sqlite database explorer program that you can download to investigate the file to really see if the data is gone. I’d just be very careful when investigating the database so that you don’t corrupt it.

Hi Helge,
Any updates. Did you manage to recover the data?