Does Activity Watch periodically clear usage data? (Android)

Hi all. I would like to know more about automatic/periodic clearing of usage data because I am planning to use Activity Watch to collect data over a 3 month period. Would I need to export my data monthly/weekly or can I safely export it at the end of 3 months (or even later)? Thanks.

It will be saved forever.

However, if the app is not manually opened once a week, some android versions will not allow activitywatch to monitor your activity for longer than that. So for example if I open the app for the first time in 10 days, the past 7 days will have data while the other 3 could potentially be lost.

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Which android versions have this restriction? First I’m hearing about the 7 day limit so I want to make sure I’m either exempt or come up with a work around

ActivityWatch on Android attempts to sync the data after 7 days in the background automatically if the user has not updated the app for the past 7 days. However, some android versions or “battery saving” modes might hinder applications to run in the background.

So android “version” is probably the wrong word, some android “forks”/“vendor modifications” is rather the issue. It would be a lot of work to pin down exactly which vendors and settings cause this unfortunately.

It’s pretty common for android apps to have a ‘permanent’ notification to prevent the app from being killed or throttled by OS battery saving. Is that something that ActivityWatch could implement to get around this issue? Also would setting the app to “Not Optimized” under battery optimization in the system settings help?