Duration for application (aw-watcher-window) is not correct? Or my misunderstanding

I thank you for your amazing project first of all!
And please quastion. I want data for my calculate of my time on pc.
I use: aw-watcher-window and aw-watcher-afk.
But durations in aw-watcher-window are not true …
And example
app “Code.exe” with timestamp 28.12.2022 16:40:49 and duration 278.9 (4m38s) … but next application is
app “28.12.2022 16:45:32” with timestamp 28.12.2022 16:45:32 … 5 seconds is missing…

Is not big different for one app, but in suma for whole day is bigger different. Durations in afk they seem ok to me.
Can you explain, what happen? Or if I understand wrong something.
I use v0.10.0.

Thank you very much.