Exception thrown while trying to get active window: error compiling jxa script

Hello AW forum,

I’m new here and trying to get AW working on my Mac (OS 10.14.6). The AW server is up and running, and I’ve installed the watcher plug-in for Firefox, but I seem to be having trouble related to aw-watcher-window. I have enabled permissions for the terminal in my Mac’s Preferences/Security/Privacy/Accessibility.

In the AW Activity tab, my top applications and window titles each show a single large block of time assigned to ‘unknown’. Also in the Activity tab, in its browser tab, Top Browser Domains and Top URLs both show “no data.”

I’m guessing this excerpt from my aw-watcher-window log is relevant (it is repeated incessantly):

2021-08-13 10:51:41 [ERROR]: Exception thrown while trying to get active window: error compiling jxa script  (aw_watcher_window.main:74)

Possibly also relevant is that under the Raw Data tab, the hostname for aw-watcher-firefox shows “unknown.” The same is true for the stop-watch, but I haven’t experimented with that yet.

The server log doesn’t show any errors, but it does have a bunch of warnings associated with gaps of negative duration and whether or not they could be safely merged. I’m guessing this isn’t a big deal, but thought I should mention it since I’m just getting oriented with the software and don’t really know anything yet.

The log for aw-watcher-web-firefox appears as expected, showing a number of events with associated times, titles, urls, etc…

Thanks in advance for your help!

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I have the same problem, and I’m on a Mac too with the same version. Have you managed to fix it?

Update: Just realized this is a common problem with the app on macOS, as seen on issue #614 on Github:

I haven’t made any further progress with it.