Fusion - towards better understanding of self

Hi everyone, sharing a project we’ve been working on in the quantified self space - Fusion. We aggregate data and highlight hidden insights across applications you use daily to help you better understand yourself.

In this release, we collect data from ActivityWatch, Oura & Spotify and perform analysis to find out what events are correlated with desired outcomes.

It’s still really early days of the project but we hope to expand to even more data sources and generate more relevant predictions combining multiple variables.

Would love to hear what you think! We’re also looking for folks who’d like you join us on this journey as early adopters- testing things out, sharing feedback & shaping how we build. If that’s you, please sign up for fusion’s alpha release

Detailed post about fusion & how it works

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This is really cool, gonna have to dig deeper into this after the holidays :slight_smile:

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Look forward to talking then! Happy holidays :christmas_tree: