Gps traccar events


I wonder if anyone has tried to feed AW with Traccar GPS geofencing events to log afk events like location places.

Traccar can forward events like this (log from Jeedom, my HA assistant)

Trame JSON : {“geofence”:{“id”:26,“attributes”:///snip///
[2021-06-03 12:17:04][DEBUG]

There is a event.forward.url and event.forward.header in traccar xml config file so it could feed AW api. But I don’t know how to achieve that.

I’m not a dev… I’m a just “French field IT man” and use a gps tracker and geofencing to keep a trace of all day trip/interventions. I have been using Timely, but their so-called AI has never been able to help me categorize work…

Aw in seconds is able to sort my remote computer session client by client with no errors, thanks to regex and AW people doing such a brilliant piece of software !

I have not heard of anyone feeding ActivityWatch with GPS data. Most available watchers can be found in this list:

Would be very easy to save the data in ActivityWatch. The hard part would rather be to visualize it.

Easy… easy…

When you code, maybe.

Well, I definitively have to learn coding.