Help Installing aw-watcher-input for a noob with no coding experience

Hi Guys,

I have no coding experience but I love Activity Watch, I use it to help fill out my timesheet at work and it’s so useful for pulling up how many hours I spent on what.

I’d like to add the watcher ‘aw-watcher-input’ to track my number of keystrokes. I’ve been tried to follow the watcher readme ( and looked at a couple seemingly relevant forum posts but have so far been unsuccessful. I followed the read-me’s instructions and installed python, but that was as far as I got… I tried to install poetry (the next step) but failed at that. Because I have no coding experience, this is all very foreign to me.

Are there any existing resources for how to install watchers that are written for people with no coding experience that I could reference?


The README is the common starting point to understand a project and it’s documentation. Please notice that when asking for help on a forum you should provide copy of your output log so people can see what is happening. And provide a step by step guide so it can be reproduced.

For specific issues you could try on the project’s own issue tracker (Issues · ActivityWatch/aw-watcher-input · GitHub)

So… what’s the problem?