Help with aw-watcher-afk is detecting 99% of the time as afk'ing

I’m using it with watcher-window-wayland on Rust server. AFK watcher indicates not-afk just 1 sec randomly and rest of are spamming of afk with 1~2 min duration.

Something I did before install is create aw-watcher-afk_desktop bucket because I cannot solve 404 on it’s API call to bucket. And it was like:

{“buckets”:{“aw-watcher-afk_desktop”:{“id”:“aw-watcher-afk_desktop”,“type”:“afkstatus”,“client”:“aw-watcher-afk”,“hostname”:“desktop”, …

Other things like window and browser tracking are works. Did I made mistake?

Spammed not-afk looks like almost same as a timeout in config (in event view, repeatedly reporting with duration 0, 4, 0, 6, 0, 5 …). It happens on polling I guess. And afk duration weirdly overrapped.