Hi, can some help me write a simple query to get my total active time for today and yesterday

As curl request or python requests?, it’s for polybar btw <3

Also there are a lot of categories to get “total active time”. See screenshot from “Activity” tab.
If category doesn’t matter then at http://localhost:5600/#/query you may run

afk_events = query_bucket(find_bucket("aw-watcher-afk_"));
events = filter_keyvals(afk_events, "status", ["not-afk"]);
RETURN = sum_durations(events);

and it would provide a sum of seconds. In spite of UI won’t able to render it you may get example of request from dev console and use it in curl.


ooh thanks a lot mate, I was struggling with this for some days now, The queries when loading the homepage really didn’t make any sense for me but now the above query is working. Thanks again <3

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