Hi! / Watcher for wifi/network connectivity?

Hi, I just found out about you and this looks really cool! Happy to find a local and open-source RescueTime alternative. I’m installing the software and then I’m going dark for a while. I hope the software meets my needs and that I’ll return. I love that you’re using Discourse on the forum.

Without really having used the software, my first thought was that a watcher for which network you’re connected to would be useful. That would give you a lot of information on where you’ve been working… Would that be useful to others?

Is anyone working on a RescueTime importer?

I had the same idea of watching network names about a year ago, but probably won’t have time to work on it anytime soon. Still, I’d love to have that feature, regardless of who makes it. :slight_smile:

Regarding RescueTime, I don’t know of any progress. See these links: