Hiding aw-qt from the Mac dock



I have MacOS High Sierra, and there is the aw-qt server in the dock. In addition, aw-qt uses a terminal window.

Is it possible to hide/remove these icons from the dock?

Thank you very much.


It is not possible from within ActivityWatch at the present time, although you should be able to set up an Automator script (as I know @exoji2e has done) which lets you run it without the terminal and without a dock icon.

I’m not sure how @exoji2e did it but I know it is possible, unfortunately I can’t try it out myself as I don’t have a Mac :slightly_smiling_face:


I sent an email to @exoji2e. I hope he can help us and solve this. I’m using ActivityWatcher and it would be wonderful if you could avoid that aesthetic problem, but important.


This is being worked on, will likely be improved in the next release!