How do I do this thing?

I’d really like the ability to track my time spent on Youtube/Netflix, so I would like to make use of the newly created feature discussed on here which checks for a tab that uses sound -

I’m tech-savvy and can follow instuctions, but github/python is something I have no experience with. Is there a way that I can incorporate the feature mentioned above into my own browser?

Thanks in advance, and thanks for your work creating AW.

Just wait for the next release, that’s when it finally ships (shouldn’t be long, I hope).

If you use aw-watcher-web today on any browser, it should already collect the audible tab property used for the audible-as-active PR you linked.

In the next release you’ll also be able to see the difference it makes by toggling the audible-as-afk transform.

Thanks for replying so quickly Erik.

I will wait then, I was just concerned that there was ayear between the last two releases and hoping for a way to sort it for myself.

I do use the browser plugin - do you mean there is a way for me to make it work at the moment?