How Do I Track My Usage Effectively?

If I understood properly, the category chart and category tree uses the Regular Expressions that we define in the settings to populate and visualize. In that case, I have a question.

For example, I have regex rule to look for the word “Facebook” case insensitive to track my usage of the social networking site. Now is this regex rule applied to window titles only or even to browser domains?

Because, the total amount of time that I spend on top browser domain for Facebook is more than the total amount of time shown for top window titles and that’s because the word “Facebook” appears in window title only when we are in our own timeline. If we visit a page or group or someone’s profile, facebook doesn’t put their title there. How do I solve this?

off-topic: I am also from a free software community in India. We have a localization team for Tamil language and looking forward to localize activity watch to Tamil.

We currently only match with appnames and titles, we are planning to fix this but have not gotten around to that yet.

We unfortunately don’t have any translation support for neither the tray icon nor the web-ui. We could possibly fix that for the tray icon, but the web-ui is still changing so often that we would have to break the translations too often for it to be worth it. It is also very time consuming to maintain translations and have a translation team, until we get a large amount of people requesting translations it will not be worth it for us to implement and maintain.

If you want though, please feel free to create a post here on the forum in the “features” category where people can vote on it so we can get an rough estimate of how many people are interested in it.