How to delete data?


I have recently found out about this application, it is very useful for the stay at home period but I have one question: how can I access/delete my data? On the Raw Data page, I can export or look at the data but I don’t see any way of removing it.

Sorry if this is a stupid question… Thank you in advance!

It is technically possible with code, but we don’t have anything in the web-ui yet to expose this functionality.
We have planned to implement this, it should be easy to implement so you can delete individual events but we are also considering searching for events so you can more easily delete them in bulk but that will take longer time to do.

Hey Johan, I’ve recently started using this app, and love it.
But I’m wondering if you (or anyone) can elaborate on the code to delete data? I’d like to remove some sensitive client data.
Thanks very much!

@Stephen_Sanders you could try locating the Sqlite database (eg at .local/share/activitywatch/aw-server/peewee-sqlite.v2.db on Linux) and edit it with a standard sqlite client.